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ProfessionalPhP 500.00refers to graduates of a biomedical course or related fields, to those involved in biomedical research, laboratory animal testing, breeding, production and utilization of laboratory animals.
Associate MembersPhP 500.00refers to all laboratory animal technologists, technicians, or aides responsible for the care and breeding of laboratory animals.
StudentPhP 300.00refers to undergraduate and graduate students of government and private academic institutions.
Life MembersPhP 3,500.00 (one time payment)refers to regular members whose application for life membership has been approved by the Board of Directors.
InstitutionalPhP 5,000.00refers to academic institutions, research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and CRO's engaged in laboratory animal research and testing.
Honorary Membersrefers to individuals recognized for their outstanding contribution in the field of biomedical research involving the use of laboratory animals or have distinguished contribution to the cause of laboratory animal science. The Committee on Membership may nominate individuals to the Board of Directors for Honorary Membership.

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